Planning a Pig Roast? Here are some Frequently ask questions.

Q: Where do you find a quality Roasting Pig?

We get this question all the time. When I was in Miami we could drive to a Pig farm and get a quality fresh pig and it would be butchered for us on the spot for a great price. In Texas it's not that easy especially with all the regulations on Pig Farmers these days. Regardless, ask for recommendations from friends or families, this is always your first port of call. You can also ask at your local buther or grocery store, they should be able to recommend a good quality local hog roast supplier. Finally, look in your local directories. If all else fails and you are located in South Texas you can contact Dos Cubanos Pig Roasts and we will be glad to help.

Q: What exactly is included in a Dos Cubanos Pig roast?

Ahhh great question. We are much more than just a food caterer. We offer more than just BBQ. Dos Cubanos Pig Roasts provides a unique atmosphere that is common in South Florida and with the Cuban Community. Our parties start the minute we light the charcoal. So if you expect someone named Billy Bob to bring some briskett and a smoker and just sit around for the day then you definitely need another caterer. Yes, we provide great food, but more than that we roast on-site, provide Cuban music, setup dominoe tables for your guests to play and we can even provide hand rolled cigars to make the experience even more authentic. So rather than telling your friends dinner is served at 6pm, see you then, we prefer you say "Dos Cubanos Pig Roasts will arrive at noon, come by early so you can enjoy the day"

Q: We will have guests coming and going all day. How long is your serve time and how much do you charge if we need more time?

Unlike our competition we are at the party for the duration of the party. As we mentioned above, once the charcoal is lit the party starts. Keep in mind, that your guests will be listening to music, playing dominoes, smoking cigars, maybe even dancing. It would be mighty rude to pack up and take our stuff in the middle of all the fun. Frankly, we do not corner you into a specific time frame, you hire us, you have us for as long as you need. We will simply need to know when you want to start serving so we can plan the roast accordingly. So tell your friends that dinner is served at 6pm, but dont worry if cousin Pookie and his girlfriend shows up at some point you can tell us to get out, no worries we wont be offended.

Q: Do you only play Cuban music?
No! While Cuban music is our main thing we also provide dance music, hip hop, disco and South Florida favorites...but of course, if you want to listen to some country we are okay with that as well...
Q: My guests don't know how to play Dominoes what do we do?
No worries, we can teach them. Cubans play Double 9's so we can teach you some of our tricks.
Q: Do you provide Beer or other alcoholic beverages?
No!, but that does not mean you can't. We have no issues if you decide to serve a mojito or two. We can serve Cuban soft drinks though.
Q: What if I am only having 25 or fewer guests, will Dos Cubanos still be able to cater my party?
Yes! We have a $1000 minimum though. Additionally, anything under 25 guests Dos Cubanos Pig Roasts would roast Pork shoulders or Pork Butt rather than a whole pig. Frankly, wheter you choose a whole pig or just a shoulder the meat we will BBQ will be amazing. You can't go wrong either way.
Q: What is the prefered size for a roasting pig?

The most suitable weight for a roasting pig is between 30-100lbs (dressed/Ready to roast) Pigs this size are traditionally tastier and easier to handle. Keep in mind that each Pig is built differently! One may have more muscle or fat or bone than the next. the actual weight and amount of meat can vary. see chart below.

Live Weight

Actual Weight of Pig

Dressed Weight

(67 to 75% of LW)

Cooked Meat

(72 to 82% of DW)

Serving Size PP

1/2 LB

Serving Size PP

1/4 LB

30 - 59 lbs 19 - 44 lbs 14 to 37 lbs 28 - 75 ppl 56 - 148 ppl
60 - 100 lbs 40 - 75 lbs 29 to 62 lbs 58 - 124 ppl 116 - 248 ppl
Q: What does Dressed weight mean?

A dressed pig is a pig that is gutted cleaned and ready for roasting. Dressed pigs are generally between 67% to 75% of the actual weight of the pig. For example, a 100lbs pig would translate to approximately 67lbs to 75lbs dressed.

Q: How many people can I feed at a Pig roast?

This obviously depends on the size of the pig. As an example, a 70lb dressed pig which will yield approximately 50 to 57 lbs of cooked meat can feed the following people.

1/4 lb of meat per person will feed between 200 and 228 people

1/2 lb of meat per person will feed between 100 and 114 people

1 lb of meat per person will feed between 50 and 57 people

It is our experience that people "pig out" at a pig roast, yet not everyone wlll eat the same amount. If no other food is being served then consider between 1/2 lb to 1 lb per person. If other food is being served at the party, you may be good with 1/4 lb per guest. see our complete menu list for other food options.

Another thing to consider is unexpected guests. We find that news spreads quickly when throwing a Pig Roast. Always be prepared for more guests, it's generally better to buy a little bigger pig and have leftovers than not have enough. Pig Roasts tend to bring in neighbors and friends you haven't seen in years.

Q: How much meat can we expect to get from a pig?

Again, this varies but as a general rule a dressed pig will yield approximately 72% to 82% of the dressed weight in cooked meat. Therefore, a 75 lbs, dressed pig will yield between 54 and 62 pounds of cooked meat.

Q: Some of our guests do not like Pork and we have children attending who will not eat Pig. Do you provide any other meats?

Yes, at Dos Cubanos Pig Roasts we can provide more than just Roast pork. We can roast Chicken, Turkey, & Ribs inside our roasting box. For the kiddies no worries, we can provide a kid friendly menu as well. Hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken. just let us know and we can accomodate.

Q: Do you provide any appetizers & side dishes?

ABSOLUTELY! Try our Cuban marinated Chicken wings, our plantain chips with garlic sauce, croquetas, Congri rice, sweet plantains and much more. Just visit our menu page for all your choices.

Q: Other than Pig what else can you cook in La Caja China?

Great question! We can roast just about any kind of meat in La Caja China. While we specialize in Whole Pig we can also roast the following meats. Notice the Cooking times and quantity.

Meat Time Quantity
Whole Pig
4 hours
3.5 hours
3 hours
2 hours
3 hours
Rack of Ribs
2 hours
Pork Shoulders/Butt
4 hours
8 hours

credit for the above chart goes to La Caja China

We hope this information was helpful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. We are here to help you make the right choices for your party.

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